Vinipharma is an Albanian pharmaceutical company founded in Tirana, on February 1994 by Dr.Pharm Hervin Fora.


In a relatively short time span and thanks to its products quality and dynamic marketing approach, the company has succeeded to establish and maintain reliable working relationships with a wide category of customers

Now our Company is proud because she offers for domestic market a wide range of products and services for all the following medical fields:


• Drugs and OTC, registered in Republic of Albania.
• Food supplements and herbal products.
• Dermocosmetic products and orthopedic products.
• Medical supplies, medical equipment, Hospital Consumption materials and disinfectants.
• Kits, reagents and laboratory supplies.
• Service of Disifection, Deradication, Disinsection and professional products for these services.

Today, after 22 years in Albanian Market, Vinipharma Company is transform into a Medical Group which spread the activity in all these fields by Companies part of this Group, playing an active role with professional responsibility in market and oriented in principle basis and professional ethic. The Company has approximately 34 employers, whom 45% are specialized category.

According to our estimates, the Company now covers 5% of the volume of the Albanian market in Health and ranks among the ten largest Medical Companies in the country. The total percentage increase of revenues of 15% per year during the past five years, ranks our company among the most stable companies and more powerful in Albania.

Thanks to continuous and strict work, our company has established a partnership with the entire network of distributor warehouses in Albania and some distributor warehouses in territory of Kosovo and maintains direct contacts with round 500 pharmacies across the country.